Rafflesia Arnoldii  is one of the  variant unix  flora   that came as "puspa langka  nasional Indonesia"(the big flower in the world). It's got a variants name of each area, like as people language of area Rafflesia growth it, like as sekedai, ambun, bunga benalu, bunga hantu, ambai-ambai etc. There are variants oft Rafflesia like as  Rafflesia Acehencis, Rafflesia Rochussenii, Rafflesia zollingeriana  etc that growth and develop at Malenesia area that consist of Malaysia, Indonesia dan Filipina. But it's variants, growth in smaller size with defferent shape. Rafflesia Arnoldii that big size just could be found at Sumatera with growth area at Bukit Barisan from Aceh until Lampung with ecology center at  Bengkulu

Viewed from its geographical situation, Bengkulu Province is located between 2 degrees-3 degrees 17 minutes 31 minutes south latitude and 101 degrees 01 minutes, 103 degrees 41 minutes east longitude. Bengkulu Province in the north bordering the Province of West Sumatra, south of Ocean bordered by Indonesia and the Province of Lampung, adjacent to the west of the Indonesian Ocean in the east and borders the province of Jambi and South Sumatra Province.

Bengkulu Province is located on the west of the Bukit Barisan mountain range, vast territory reaching approximately 1.97887 million hectares or 19788.7 square
kilometers. Bengkulu Province administrative regions stretching from the border with the Province of West Sumatra to Lampung province to the border with a distance of approximately 567 kilometers.

Bengkulu Province directly adjacent to the Ocean coastline of Indonesia at approximately 433 kolimeter. Eastern part is hilly with a fertile plateau, whereas the Western part of the lowland is relatively narrow, extending from North to South and snacks diselang-bumpy areas.
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